IZB 2018 | Visitor Survey

We would like to collect your impressions, opinions and suggestions for improvement and evaluate them for the sustainable development of the IZB.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey!

On which days do you visit the IZB 2018? Multiple choice possible

How long do you plan to spend at the IZB?

How many companies will you visit?

Which themed halls will you visit? Multiple answers permitted

What are the objectives behind your visit to the IZB 2018? Multiple answers permitted

Did your visit of the IZB enable you to ...

1 = not at all; 5 = very successfully

In which country is your company based?

Which company do you represent?

In which field do you work?

How did you hear about the IZB 2018?

Which of these services did you use? Multiple choice possible

What is your overall impression of the IZB 2018?

Do you want to return to the IZB in 2020?

What did you find particularly good?

What did you find particularly bad?